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Model Buses Collection, opened pre-ordering for their latest Corgi OOC commissioned model at midday today.

The models Corgi stock codes CP46601A&B represent Go Ahead London New Routemaster LT511 (LTZ1511) in King Charles III Coronation livery. The A version on route 87 to Aldwych and the B version on route 87 to Wandsworth. CLICK HERE to visit the Model Buses Collection website for more details or to order one or both of the models.

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Friday 16th February 2024

EFE Road have announced a Cravens RT Gift set with two RT models. The set will comprise the last two surviving Cravens RT Buses, both of which are part of the Ensignbus Preservation fleet. Both models are represented on route X81.

The buses represent RT1431 (JXC194) (Red) and RT1499 (KGK758) (Green) will; be presented in a boxed set, which includes histories of both vehicles on the rear, and will be available from Bachmann retailers in the coming weeks. 

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Thursday 8th February 2024

I can confirm that Oxford Diecast have now released the second Bedford OB model in their 1:120th (TT) scale range. The model is on sale on the Oxford Diecast website and will be in the shops very soon:

Stock code: 120OB002
Fleet: Southdown
Fleet number: -
Registration number: JCD370
Route number: -
Destination: London

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Tuesday 6th February 2024

Further to the news published from Northcord Model Company that I published this morning, please see photographs of my model which has arrived from Hong Kong:

UKBUS6203 ADL Enviro400H - Stagecoach London
Fleet number: 12144
Registration number: LX61DDZ
Route number: 15
Destination: Regent Street
Quantity: 1008 pieces

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2nd posting Monday 5th February 2024

The following news has been received this morning from the Northcord Model Company:

UKBUS6203 Alexander Dennis Enviro400H - Stagecoach London

Northcord Model Company is proud to release its first model of the UKBUS6200 range on the former CMNL 10.1 metre short wheelbase Enviro400 tooling.

This is UKBUS6203, replicated in the fleet of Stagecoach London carrying the unique Transport for London all-red with ‘hybrid Electric Technology’ livery. UKBUS6203 features Stagecoach London 12144 (LX61DDZ) working on the famous London route 15 to Regent Street. 12144 was new to Stagecoach London in 2011, representing the revolutionary modern double-decker in the capital. The Alexander Dennis Enviro400H Hybrid double-decker has taken the market by storm with its excellent reliability and fuel consumption saving of greater than 30%. The hybrid drive system also delivers improved emissions including reduced Particulate Matter and Oxides of Nitrogen. The ADL Enviro400H is fitted with Cummins ISBe Euro V, EEV engine fitted in conjunction with the BAE system Hybridrive equipment. The BAE-supplied batteries use Lithium Ion technology.

NMC retooled the ADL Enviro400 casting in early 2010 for the Enviro400H Hybrid version from its successful Enviro400 which launched with the UKBUS6001 with ‘Spirit of London’ decoration in 2006. Continuing from the E400 tooling, NMC is creating new design standards in the layout of the interior of both saloons. These features inside the compartments represent the really outstanding layout of the Enviro400H Hybrid in new specifications, such as, re-located destination blind at the rear, newly design ventilation grill above the lower-deck window at the back, and extensive portrayal of handrails on upper and lower deck, etc.

Another main feature on the UKBUS6203 model is its dual individual tree protectors at the front. The front dome on the model is significant, with its curved windscreens on both upper and lower deck. The re-tooled UKBUS6203 model replicates all new items at the engine room correctly. The headlights at the front are made of individual components to look more realistic. The Enviro400H model is a one-piece casting whose clean lines accentuate the windows and livery application on which all logos and lettering are clearly legible. 

The brand new UKBUS6203 bus models will be distributed by John Ayrey Die-Casts Limited (UK), Porte Publishing Company (Japan), 80M Bus Model Shop (HK) respectively. The UKBUS6203 is based on a Limited Edition of only 1008 pieces produced.

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Monday 5th February 2024

The Northcord Model Company have announced a new model which is scheduled for release in the UK at the end of February.

UKBUS6203 Alexander Dennis Enviro400 - Stagecoach London
Fleet number:12144
Registration number: LX61DDZ
Route number: TBC
Destination: TBC
Quantity: 1008

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Monday 15th January 2024

I was saddened to receive an email from Hattons Models today advising that they are closing down their business. I have bought many models from them over the past 20+ years, so will miss them.

Full details around the closure of the business can be read by following this link: https://www.hattons.co.uk/newsdetail?id=1498

Monday 8th January 2024

I have been contacted by Chris from the Buckie Model Centre and advised of a delay to the arrival of the models. Chris writes:
“There is a further delay in shipping these models from China as the shipping company has started diverting the ship avoiding the trouble in the Red Sea. I am now informed it will be late February before I receive the models. Please accept my apologies but it is out of my hands”.

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Thursday 4th January 2024

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