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London Bus Repaints and Transfers specialize in waterslide transfers for London 1/76th scale model buses, the range contains items for not only London Transport but also many of it's successors. From our small beginnings in 1990 we have continually expanded the range and today we can now offer a choice of over 1500 different transfers.

We are now the leading supplier of London Transport related transfers and we are fully licensed by London Transport to reproduce the logos, fleet names and advertisements that adorn the real London vehicles.

We produce everything required to turn a standard die cast bus into an authentic replica of the real thing. There is an extensive range of route blinds covering the period from the 1930's to the present day, these include accurate blinds for both red and green routes and come in different formats suitable for the many different types of die cast and kit models now available.

The range of advertisements is also wide and varied and includes many familiar household names from the past and present. We produce a full range of different sized advertisements from large side to small corner spots, many of these are also suitable for use on non London related models.

The small details are not forgotten either, whether it be fleet names, fleet numbers or even used tickets signs our range covers these items to, which means you can give your models that all important finishing touch.

All our transfers are designed in house and are printed by a leading firm in this field, we carry an extensive stock and orders are sent by return post whenever possible.

Re Decorated Models
L.B.R.T. has since 1997 produced a number of re-decorated models, amongst these have been several for the various Country Bus Rallies and the Amersham Running Days.

We have also produced special models for Bus Stop Models, Down's Classic Models and most recently Allsorts.

Model Guide
L.B.R.T. is also the publisher of the annual EFE & Corgi OOC Model Buses Guide compiled by Anne Letch, this popular guide lists virtually every British themed 1/76th scale bus model and covers the products of all the leading manufacturers.

Orders can be placed by phone and post, while established customers can also submit orders by e-mail and fax.

Payment can be made by cheque, postal order, stamps, and most credit and debit cards.

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 A small sample from our extensive range of bus blinds


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Part of our large range of bus advertisements


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 Some of our fleet name and other miscellaneous transfers


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Some of our re decorated models


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 Past editions of the annual model bus guide


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