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Living in the UK and buying from abroad



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I am very grateful to the following who have assisted me in my research in the compilation of this site and  in providing news, reviews, photographs and information:- 


Mr Marc Asby, Mr Bob Belcher, Mr John Bennett, Mr John Booth, Mr Danny Chan, Mr Denis Chick, Mr Don Craggs, Mr Barrie Davis, Mr John Dutfield, Mr Michael Edwards, Ms Amanda Fernandes, Mr Peter Harrison, Mr Frank Holden, Mr Bob Joy, Mr Ian kirby, Mr Alan Morris, Mr Campbell Morrison, Miss Christine NG, Mr Terry Pinnegar, Mr Steve Richards, Mr Martin Seekings, Mr Terry Stapley, Mr Graham White, Mrs Heather Wilkinson, Dave at S&D Models, Sindy and Joe at - Hong Kong and many other people too numerous to mention individually who have sent a few photographs and items of news.


I would also like to fully acknowledge the following publications which have been used as part of my research.

  • "Ramsay's British Diecast Model Toys Catalogue", various editions. Author John Ramsay.

  • "EFE & Corgi OOC Model Buses. A collectors reference guide", Various editions. Author Anne Letch.

  • "EFE A Collectors Guide" 4th Edition. Author Ken Benham

  • "OOC and EFE Catalogues". Corgi Classics and Exclusive First Editions.

  • "OOC and EFE price lists". Allsorts, Rickmansworth.

  • "Oriental Model Buses" website. Webmaster Mr Graham White
    "The Model Bus Zone" website. Webmaster Mr Kevin Ellis


Visitors own Model Reviews are always most welcome, as is any other information or photographs of the models themselves, or the prototype vehicles.


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I am extremely grateful to Graham White from Oriental Model Buses for his assistance in creating this site.


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Where included current market prices given for the various models are meant as a guide only. Prices can  vary and do go up as well as down.  Please always check with your dealer for the current price and  remember that the money offered to you by a dealer to purchase your models could be substantially less than the retail value (believe me I have been there!). When trading models it pays to obtain quotes from a number of dealers before deciding who to do business with.




I have attempted to seek the appropriate permissions to use the various photographs on the site, however, if your photograph appears, for which I have not sought your permission for its use, please e-mail me and it will be removed immediately.


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Living in the UK and buying from abroad


Information should you decide to purchase your models from abroad


Please bear in mind that all postal packages arriving in the UK from outside the EC are examined by Customs Officers who determine whether import duty and VAT are payable.


Most goods arriving in the UK from outside the EC are liable to any or all these charges: Customs Duty, Excise Duty (alcohol, tobacco etc.) and VAT. These must be paid whether:

-  you purchase the goods or receive them as a gift
-  the goods are new or used
-  the goods are for your own private use or for sale

EC agreements allow relief from charges on certain imported goods if they:

-  have an intrinsic value of 15 or less, although this particular relief does not
   include alcohol, tobacco, etc.
-  are gifts worth 36 or less



Customs (Import) Duty is charged as a percentage of the value of the goods plus their postage and packing costs. This percentage can vary depending on the type of goods and the country of origin. Generally it is between 3.5% and 5%


Import VAT is charged at the same rate that applies to similar goods sold in this country. 


The value of the goods for import VAT is based in the value for Customs Duty plus any duty charged.


The Post Office may also charge for clearing a package through Customs. They, if required, open and re-pack the package for Customs Officers.


All the above charges are collected by the Post Office on delivery.


Please note: The above information is intended for information only, remember government regulations change and often with little publicity. I cannot be held liable for any errors in the above information. Before you purchase goods from abroad it is your responsibility to check with customs and excise and or the post office for current regulations, charges etc.  You have been warned!.


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