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Table listing releases in model number order

This list is not a complete list of model buses issued by ABC (but is a full list of UK models), many model were issued in Hong Kong liveries and these are not included. See Graham Whites excellent Oriental Model Buses web site for details of the Hong Kong models.


Model No Vehicle Company Fleet No Reg No Route No Quantity Date released
TRA5001 Ailsa Volvo Harrow Buses (LT Roundel) - Destination: Heathrow Central V62 JOV762P 140 2000 12/00
TRA5001A Ailsa Volvo Harrow Buses (Harrow Logo) - Destination: Heathrow Central V35 JOV785P 140 1000 2/01
TRA5001X Ailsa Volvo Harrow Buses (LT Roundel and Harrow Logo) - MBF 2000 model - Destination: Heathrow Central V62 JOV762P 140 500** 10/00
TRA5002 Ailsa Volvo Black Prince- Destination: Pudsey 748 JOV748P 88A 2000 9/00 (HK)
8/01 (UK)
TRA5003 Ailsa Volvo London Buses - Destination: New Barnet Station V25 JOV775P 84 2000 12/00
TRA5004 Ailsa Volvo London Northern - Destination: Potters Bar Garage V27 JOV777P 234 2000 11/00
TRA5005 Ailsa Volvo West Midlands PTE - Destination: Streetly 4787 JOV787P 113 2000 1/01
TRA5005X U0001 Ailsa Volvo West Midlands Travel - Destination Sutton Coldfield 4778 JOV778P 104 500"" 2/01
TRA5006 Ailsa Volvo Black Prince - Destination: Radford 783 JOV783P 88 550 8/01(HK)
TRA5101 Leyland Lion PLSC Stockport Corporation Tramways - Destination: St Peters Square 110 - - 2000 12/00
TRA5301 Daimler Fleetline Alexander Fife Scottish - Destination: St Andrews FRF74N PYJ442L 95 2000 3/01
UM-002 Ailsa Volvo A1 Services - Destination: Stevenston via Hayocks - JOV783P - 200**** 8/01
MCW Metrobus 3-axle 12M City Sightseeing - "Red Kangaroo" Sydney Tour (As arrival in Australia ex-Hong Kong prior to open top conversion no fleet markings registration plates etc) - - - 1000 11/00
MCW Metrobus 3-axle 12M City Sightseeing - Sydney Tour - n/k - 2000 ?/00
** Model TRA 5001X was produced for the MBF annual meeting in Witton in 2000. It had both the Harrow buses logo and the LT Roundel. Models purchased from the MBF came with an additional side advert sticker, which the purchaser could apply themselves if they wished. Models purchased from ordinary retailers did not have the additional stickers.

**** Model UM-002 was a special private order and was on route to Stevenston Hayocks

"" Model TRA5005X U0001 was a private commission. Index number JOV 778P on route to Sutton Coldfield. 300 for UK market and 200 for Hong Kong/Australia

Dates please note the following:
Date in Red = the expected release date
Date in Green = the original advertised release date when the actual release date is not known
Date in Black = the actual confirmed release date

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